Cove Point

Cove Point  – Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (LNG)

When mariners need logistical support at Cove Point their first call is to Cape Henry Launch Service (CHLS), a full-service 24 hour launch and tug provider. Maryland Nautical Sales and Davis Ship Service are very pleased to work with CHLS, where the three companies provide support to ships at the Dominion Energy Cove Point LNG terminal.

Cape Henry Launch services include towing, buoy maintenance, dredging and research support, and safety standby.  Davis Ship works closely with CHLS in coordinating spare deliveries and garbage removal.  Davis Ship and CHLS are USDA Approved regulated/non – regulated garbage haulers for Cove Point.  Our sister company Maryland Nautical Sales supplies vessels calling Cove Point with charts and publications.  Davis Ship Service will deliver the charts and publication to CHLS and they in turn will deliver them to ships at anchor.  


Cape Henry Launch, Davis Ship Service and Maryland Nautical Sales are critical providers of products, services and support to vessels calling the LNG Terminal.