• Vessel Support

    Vessel Support

    Davis Ship Service offers many support services to the vessels calling the Port of Baltimore. From making hotel reservations, doctor’s appointments, laundry service and foreign garbage removal there is nothing we can’t handle.
  • Ship Spares

    Ship Spares

    Davis Ship Service has 3,000 Sq. ft. of warehouse space for storage and spare handling.  We are a bonded cartman which allows us to transport bonded spares from the airport/warehouse to vessel.  Also we have the ability to ship spares worldwide and provide palletizing and crating on premises. 
  • Crew Transportation

    Crew Transportation

    Davis Ship Service has three passenger vans and one SUV for transporting crew.  Our passenger vans will seat up to 7 crew and our SUV will comfortably seat 2-3.


Marine Operations Staff Available 24/7